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Welcome to Gail Hire Bruce Artworks

Thank you for visiting my site.  I have been creating art since I was a child and began painting with gusto in the late 70’s.  I paint what I see, urban and rural landscapes, portraits of friends and people on the street.  I see in blocks of color with details that catch my eye.  Body language is an important element in defining my portraits; the way my characters dress and interact with each other, I hope gives the viewer a glimpse into who these people may be. 

I don’t put much detail in my characters’ faces so the observer is drawn into the portrait and mentally fills it in with someone they know. 

I lean toward clean and simple lines with detail pulled to create texture.  In my early career I was influenced by Alex Katz and Milton Avery’s use of spare space and bold shapes.  The Japanese aesthetic has been a deep influence on my work, especially the spare, clean lines of their landscapes. I hope that my work expresses, for the viewer, a moment of peace and calm in our over stressed environment.